Professional Plant Health Care Services

Plant Health Care (PHC) is considered a holistic approach to caring for your trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. The goal is to improve and maintain the health and aesthetics of your landscape. At Windy City Tree Service, we use different approaches including cultural, biological and pest/disease control treatments.

Our cultural methods include careful and strategic selection and placement of plants and trees, adequate watering process, mulching, soil improvement and pruning to promote a healthier landscape.

Our biological methods include utilizing resident living organisms to keep landscape healthy and balance the ecosystem, as well as the physical and chemical environments they create including biological and abiotic factors.

Disease control include treatment of certain pests and diseases. We use a broad array of natural, organic, and synthetic products. Many of these products are considered to be safe and have low environmental impact.

why is plant health care important

Trees learn to adapt to a given environment. Most species learn to adapt to a relatively narrow range of soil, light, weather and other factors that may impact the health and vigor of trees. Weather can have adverse effects on a trees ability to ward off insects and other diseases. A rainy spring and summer can provide optimal conditions for insect and diseases to spread. Different tree species may respond differently to certain pathogens depending on the stress, vulnerability, vigor and surrounding forest stand.


We know how much your trees, shrubs and plants enhance your living space. We understand the importance of having a balanced and well-maintained outdoor environment. Protecting your investment is our top priority. Let one of our ISA Certified Arborist evaluate your landscape and assist you in putting together a Plant Health Program that is right for you and your most precious assets. Here are some of the treatments we offer:

Tree & shrub Fertilization

We use a fertilizer blended that contains naturally derived nutrients. We also add organic compounds that are important components of humus, the major organic fraction of soil. Our plant health care specialist can assess and inspect your landscape and tailor fertilization treatments based on the needs of your trees, shrub and herbaceous plants.

Disease and pest control

Insects and diseases can quickly deteriorate your trees and shrubs. Our experienced plant health care specialist can recommend a customized care plan that will bring vitality back to your trees and shrubs, while minimizing the risk of disease and pests.

Winter Protections

For deer suppression, we use DeerPro, as a safe and reliable deer repellent.

We also use anti-desiccant treatments which can be applied in the late fall and early spring and can be used to prevent wind burn, winter and drought damage.


We apply mulch around the base of a tree, shrubs and plants to protect them from the root flare and heat and drought stress. It’s also beneficial in adding organic matter to the soil which helps to reduce soil compaction.

Tree Tissue and Soil Testing

A soil analysis can help us determine the ability of the soil to supply nutrients. Tree tissue analysis measures the nutrient status of the tree. These tests can help detect potential nutritional problems early to mitigate any deficiency and other issues before they can be seen.

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