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A Few of Our Favorite Trees

The “aristocrat of trees” as it has been called and the hands-down favorite of most  is the Japanese Maple. With its beautiful colored foliage and variety of sizes and textures it is a landscaper’s delight. Being popular also means being overdone in many cases and in my own garden I seek the unusual. My favorite Japanese Maple is the Autumn Moon which, at 8 x 12 ‘ is perfect in size for the small urban garden . It has striking large chartruese leaves edged in pink and is quite hardy compared to some of the more delicate Japanese maples which struggle in Chicago’s harsh winters. For extra protection I spray my Autumn Moon with “wilt-pruf ” , an anti-dessicant that coats the branches and helps prevent winter damage. Above : Acer Shirashiwanum ‘Autumn Moon ‘ In my small Morton Grove garden I had room for just one small fruit tree and I chose the self-pollinating Asian Pear that is a dwarf at 8-12 ‘. It bears an abundance of crispy delicious apple-shaped fruit on 6-8 …